THE Most Basic of Skin Care Regimens

I am a fan of slow and steady treatments and products. There are many ingredients and many brands out there so it can be overwhelming. Please note that this regimen will NOT address any specific CONDITIONS…more of that in later posts. It is designed for maintaining maximum hydration and protection.

Start with this GENTLE, and basic 3 step regimen that is good for all skin types and colors.

1.Gentle Crème or Oil Cleanser- Use a gentle touch to cleanse so you can work with the body’s own natural system for cleansing (lymphatic system) and work from the forehead down to décolletage.

(Oily skins TOO! I know it sounds crazy, but basic chemistry tells us “like attracts like”, so if you are oily using oil or crème to cleanse actually regulates oil production)

2.Exfoliate- I prefer chemical exfoliation on most skin; like AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acid), BHA’s (beta hydroxy acid), Retinols (Vitamin A esters) or ultrasonic brushes (works mostly by energy released from the collapse of millions of microscopic cavitations near the dirty surface. The bubbles made by cavitation collapse forming tiny jets directed at the surface) to scrubs for home use. Most people that use scrubs are too heavy handed and actually cause damage to their skin. (Normal skins can exfoliate once a week until the age of 25, then you need to help mother nature along and can go up to 2 times a week. After the age of 35, daily gentle exfoliation is needed. Oily and dry skins need to exfoliate 2-3 times a week, and after 35 daily).

3.Protect- Hydrate and moisturize, I like to use a moisture attracting serum first, a moisturizer and finally SPF EVERY DAY FOR ALL SKIN COLORS, TYPES. My general rule is if the sun rises you put on SPF if it doesn’t then we have bigger things to worry about.

Also, there have been questions regarding applying products and the order you apply them. I will have a video demo up soon for you to learn more about this.

More to come on more specific care…

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