NEW Luxe Line-Immunocologie-UPDATE


Okay, so I have consulted this new line for a couple of months, all the while using the line. I can attest to the “glow” or “light” being restored! The Line Reducing serum is the real deal. In days- not weeks- did I see my skin look like it was lit from the inside out. After using for a month straight, my husband noticed and complimented that my skin was so soft and looked so bright!!! HE NEVER NOTICES UNLESS IT IS A BAD REACTION! (which unfortunately, happens every so often).

The Treatment Creme is sublime, as the texture may fool you into thinking this will feel heavy on your skin. It does not. It works on all skin types, and I have shared product with friends who all have different issues-from oily and dehydrated to dry and sensitive skins, all experiencing same glowification.

Utilizing the Bio-Fermentation Process, this line works with the part of our immune system found in the upper layers of the skin. This process allows for the actives to be utilized in a more readily available structure- it is like it is pre-digested for the cells to access more efficiently. The science is remarkable and based on Nobel prize winning research on anti-oxidants, oxidation and immune function. Developed by Manzoor Jafferey, the scientist who discovered AHA’s, their benefit and impact on aging skin (later sold patent to Estee Lauder), which for this geek4beauty all the more impressive.

There are other products in the line-Eye Creme, Treatment Solution, Treatment Mask, and Cleanser.  I would assume they will all deliver, but of course you must try for your self.

You can purchase at Clyde’s, Warren-Tricomi Salon at the Plaza Hotel in NYC, or at

IMMUNOCOLOGIE-The BioFerm Science “it really works”- testing it now, but really saw a glow, you know the one that you lose when your stressed, tired, older, etc…yeah, my GLOW IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE, in 3 days…very interesting…update to follow on separate post…

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