the SKIN-what is does

We all want smooth, firm, glowing skin RIGHT? But we do have to understand some basic info about HOW and WHY our skin health is so important to our overall health.

Main Functions of the Skin:

1. Protection-Like a BOUNCER at the club.. It holds all of our insides in and provides security from stuff that wants to get in, biological invaders, physical damage, and ultraviolet radiation. Our skin is THE LARGEST ORGAN of the body, and it’s main function is part of our ability fight bacteria (those pesky invaders)

2. Allows us to be all touchy feely- Sensation for touch, pain, and heat is provided by nerve endings.

3. Keep us cool and lets us know when to put on that cute new sweater-Thermoregulation is supported through the sweating and regulation of blood flow through the skin.

4. Let’s milk and the sun* do a body good!- Metabolism of vitamin D occurs in the skin.

5. Our own lil blood bank at our disposal- Storage of blood that can be shunted to other parts of the body when needed takes place in the skin.

6. DETOX BABY DETOX!!!Excretion of salts and small amounts of wastes (ammonia and urea) occurs with the production of sweat.


We will cover the structure and how it affects your buying decisions, in our future posts…

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