SUPER DUPER NEW Skin Care Line- FIX Malibu

Okay, I am in the midst of trying a Super Duper NEW line, FIX Malibu. It literally launched at H.Bendel NYC two weeks ago.

It is developed, personally researched and tested, by Dr. Rebecca Giles. The Malibu based dermatologist to the stars, has the most AH-MAH-ZING skin, which is a testament to her skills. My skin hasn’t looked like that since prior to moving to California, so of course I HAD to try the line.

Wish Wash is a salicylic acid based powder that exfoliates while gently cleanses. A little goes a long way and my skin was soft, clean and dewy. I looked like I had a facial, FROM A CLEANSER, no less!After using a few days, the redness around my mouth is barely there (peri-oral dermatitis). Love that…

Immaculate Complexion Serum-OMG!!! I can understand why a patient of Dr. Giles demanded the serum in a washed out container and refused to leave until she received it! Utilizing human derived epidermal growth factors, peptides, vitamins and minerals, it is A MUST TRY!!! My skin is really responding well, hydrated, firmer-a lil more spring behind a gentle pinch. Redness further reduced.

The Works is nourishing without feeling heavy or greasy. It feels like a lotion but my skin feels and looks as if I am using a rich, deep moisture creme.

Dr. Giles is a woman after my own heart in her skin care philosophy. Check out hers below:

Dr. Giles states “The key to my entire regimen is to keep the skin calm while I fiddle with it. Especially in this country, we are too aggressive with our skin–we beat it up and then wonder why it never looks good. Over-exfoliation with scrubs and peels leads to over-occlusion with heavy moisturizers, which leads to breakouts, which leads to more aggressive exfoliation…you can see the roller coaster that is created by never having skin in its “sweet spot.”

“When you quit being so heavy-handed with your skin, you can actually make big changes with very active ingredients, but the change comes incrementally rather than all at once (think Tortoise rather than Hare). Exfoliate just a little every time you wash so your products can then penetrate better and work more effectively (this is the philosophy behind the Wish Wash and Beachy Clean cleansers). Use a moisturizer that actually supports and nourishes your skin while it plumps it up, and make sure it has anti-inflammatory compounds to help keep skin irritation at bay. The sun is the biggest inflammatory stimulus there is, so your skin is always fighting the inflammation the sun triggers, whether you think you see it or not. Sunscreen is just that–a screen, not a shield. So in addition to wearing one that has physical blocks (read: titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide, which is a fabulous anti-inflammatory BTW), you need to add topical antioxidants to your skincare regimen to bolster the protection against free radicals.

Your skin has no idea how old it is. You get to trick it into behaving like it’s younger. That’s the philosophy behind everything I do.”

The pricing is beyond reasonable ($40-$125) for a doctor developed line, many are far more expensive with less results delivered. Check out Dr. Giles spa-FIX Malibu to have the full service or pick up the line at H.Bendel NYC or online at

FIX Malibu- Dr. Rebecca Giles

22741 Pacific Coast Highway #200,

Malibu, CA 90265

(310) 456-5350

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