What condition is my skin in? Part II

We discussed what dehydration looks and feels like. How do we treat dehydration?

1. The first place to start is to look at our cleansers. WHY, you may wonder? Well, this is the one item I have found that most people use one that is WAY too stripping, because they believe their skin is oily (even when they only see a bit of shine on the nose late in the day), love bubbles, or love to feel that tightness they believe is a sign of cleanliness- you can change it easily, it doesn’t break the bank and you can see a real difference in a few short days, not weeks and months.

Ingredients to AVOID in your cleansers:

Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate:

both are known to strip away surface oil which allows the water portion in the skin to evaporate off of the surface of your skin.

Healthy skin is a balance of oil and water. We need oil (even YOU my oily skin comadres and compadres) on and in the skin to allow for normal functions. Without the water portion many of those functions are slowed, BUT AGING IS SPED UP!!!! How? INFLAMMATION. (Inflammation post coming soon!)

Ingredients to look FOR in your cleansers:

Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamide DEA:

Gentle oil based cleansing agents that DO NOT DISRUPT THE BARRIER FUNCTION. They also allow for a small amount of hydration to be easily assimilated into the layers of the skin (when followed by a proper moisture binding serum and moisturizer).

I am also a HUGE fan of oil cleansing. You can make your own with jojoba oil and a squirt of fresh squeezed lime juice for brightening. Or try Dermalogica’s Precleanse

courtesy of Dermalogica

2. Water consumption…I know some of you HATE to drink water, and I used to too. I have a very simple formula and some spa tricks to help you drink more.

How much water you should drink is quite personal and simple. It is based on your weight.

your current weight divided by 2= the number of ounces of water you will ABSOLUTELY need daily for basic body functions.

So I weigh 145lbs, I divide that by 2 and that equals 72.5. So I need to drink 72.5 ounces of water daily, just so all of the cells in my body can keep on doing what they need to do.

If you hate water, try these spa tips to add flavor without calories-

Slice your favorite fruits, veggies and fresh herbs and add to a pitcher filled with ice, the add filtered water. I like cucumber, lime and mint- why? It is like a Mojito without the alcohol and is SUPER refreshing in the heat of summer.

I start every day with 2 glasses of water with sliced lemons, the lemon is a digestive aid and helps to curb sweet cravings (I HAVE A VICIOUS SWEET TOOTH, and have been known to eat cake for breakfast- DON’T judge, it has eggs and milk).

You can also try strawberries and blueberries, I just buy frozen and dump them into a pitcher with more ice. Have fun and get creative- the POINT IS TO DRINK THE PROPER AMOUNT OF WATER FOR YOUR BODY!

3. Adding a moisture attracting and binding serum to your daily regimen, is key. Look for hyaluronic acid as the base ingredient in your serums, as it is one of the BEST for dehydration. It has the ability to attract and bind 1000 times its weight to the upper layers of the skin. I like Skinceuticals B5 Hydrating Serum, and LOVE Bioelements Moisture x10.

courtesy of Bioelements

Make sure you seal in your serums with a great moisturizer for your skin type and always follow with SPF during the day. You know my rule if the sun comes up YOU MUST WEAR SPF, if it does not, then we have bigger problems….

Happy Skin= Balanced skin and YOU can achieve IT!

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