What condition is my skin in?

This can be confusing, cause most of us think that our skin type IS THE CONDITION OUR SKIN IS IN.

Your skin condition is only PART of the equation, TYPE and COLOR are ALL IMPORTANT to consider. The 2 most common conditions are:

Dehydration: This is THE NUMBER ONE SYMPTOM of MOST SKIN disorders and diseases. Every one experiences this, EVERYONE, at some point, so do not beat yourself up…

What does it look like? You can see and feel tightness, may look and feel a bit rough in texture. Fine vertical or horizontal lines may be present. May show redness either all the time or only sometimes.

What does it mean to you? It means that your skin, is having a challenge keeping the delicate balance of water and oil in the layers of the skin. Healthy skin is a balance of oil and water. The Water allows for the natural order of things to happen inside the layers and cells- cell rebirth, DNA replication, detox and nutrients for the skin. The Oil content in the layers and on the surface prevent the water portion from evaporating off the surface of the skin.

Even Oily skin needs its oil…

Sensitivity: Most people have SENSITIZED SKIN*, not SENSITIVE SKIN. Some people are born with sensitive skins. This can be partially determined by how the skin reacts to the sun- Fitzpatrick Scale was developed by Harvard University Professor of Dermatology, Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick to help dr’s and other professionals understand how color affects skin sensitivity to the sun and to help prevent skin cancer. You can download a Fitzpatrick Scale Questionnaire to determine yours, here.

*Sensitized: This is almost an epidemic in the US. Too much of anything is NEVER a good thing, so remember to ALWAYS FOLLOW MANUFACTURER DIRECTIONS. Most people over exfoliate, over treat, use too many products or are just plain using THE WRONG REGIMEN, which in my humble opinion is the majority.

What does it look like? Red, tight, dry, irritated. This can be everywhere or just some areas.

What does it feel like? Tight, rough to the touch, and feels warm.

So now what?…I will expand on this train of thought on the next post

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