Miracle Skin Transformer- Wonderful BB Cream Alternative

Miracle Skin Transformer- My Experience

FULL DISCLOSURE: I received a tube of Miracle Skin Transformer to try from the VP of Sales for the brand, a former colleague (we worked together at a distributorship of French spa/resort and small niche International brands).

I have been using the tinted, anti-oxidant rich, moisturizing, SPF and primer all in one balm. It is similar to the BB creams that are all the rage in Asia, and are now finally making their way stateside. It is not a true BB cream in that it does not fight and heal blemishes too, but it does most everything else.

You can use it as your daily- run errands, but still need to be put together, go to product. You can use as a tinted primer under a powder or liquid foundation for more coverage.  What I love most about it is the fact that with very little it goes a long way. I use any number of tools- fingers, sponges, or foundation brushes- depending on finish I wish to achieve. It also covers my chronic redness around my mouth (due to peri- oral dermatitis- allergy to metals- of which I have in my jaw, sorry if that was TMI), without too much effort.

A very unique delivery system encapsulates Vitamin A, K, E and Enzyme Q10, into tiny beads that burst on contact with your
 skin, improving cellular renewal, skin firmness and circulation.

By incorporating Ecophysalis, a Brazilian Rainforest extract that protects from photoaging and delivers anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits – as well as Vitamin E and SPF 20/UVA/ UVB into its unique formulation, it also protects from the sun’s damaging rays, environmental pollution and free radicals.

I love that it gives an almost airbrushed finish to the skin and blends really, really well. It comes in 6 shades PLUS a CLEAR option, which I think is brilliant. They also make a formula for the men in your life, as well as a treat and cover blemish product.

courtesy of Miracle Skin Transformer

Check them out at www.miracleskintransformer.com for more info on ingredients, pricing and where to buy.

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  1. I received the Men’s version and will be trying it on my vacation to Florida this summer. I am looking forward to trying it. I hope I love it as much as you love the original version.


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