Products we LOVE now and 4EVER!


courtesy of FIX Malibu

Fix Malibu Wish Wash– This powder cleanser ROCKS!!! I have now been using for 2 months or so and LOVE how gently it exfoliates and cleanses. Really does foam nicely with a little product. I have been using a sample not even full size and I still have some to last ’til end of week, I believe. A MUST HAVE!

Miracle Skin Transformer in Light– This BB cream (an all in one primer, treatment, tinted moisturizer, and SPF product- originally developed in Korea), is wonderful! It really offers a variety of options, covers as much or as little as you want, is light and blends beautifully. It is a must try.

IMMUNOCOLOGIE-The BioFerm Science “it really works”- Full Disclosure: I have consulted this company in its early days (2/2011)-Really saw a glow, you know the one that you loose when your stressed, tired, older, etc…yeah, that one IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE, in 3 days. Anyone over 35 NEEDS TO TRY THE LINE REDUCING SERUM! In DAYS your skin will have a natural healthy look, I cannot believe how fast it works! This line may be moving into the 4Ever category…

On to products that will never leave my arsenal, unless they are discontinued (THEY BETTER NOT!)


courtesy of SAMPAR

Sampar Urban Skin Care-Full Disclosure-I used to work for them, and LOVE THE LINE. It is MY CHOICE for sensitive skins, as it REALLY REDUCES SENSITIVITY very QUICKLY. It is my go to brand when my own skin freaks out.;

Bioelements Moisture X10– Beyond hydrating, WOW factor with one application. I actually looked at me skin through a woods’ lamp (a device used by aesthetician’s to check moisture, sensitivity, bacterial load, etc on the skin) b4 I applied it then after for that WOW!!!

courtesy of Beautisol

Beautisol Self Tanners ARE AMAZING!!!! Clean fresh scent- NO WET DOG SMELL HERE DIVAS!!!! Tan achieved is fab and realistic! Say NO to ORANGE HUES! can you tell I really like this one…lol.

Maybelline NY Great Lash: I have been a fan of this mascara for over 30 years. My first luxury mascara was Yves San Laurent colored mascaras and I am still a HUGE FAN of all things Yves San Laurent, but GREAT LASH IS MY GO TO!!! Cost is perfect especially when you have to dump them every 3 months; color is deep, lashes lengthened and fuller, how can you go wrong?;

Laura Geller Liquid Candelight for Face and Body: OMG!!! This is MAGICAL, I REPEAT MAGICAL, use anywhere or all over for a beautiful glow to boost your own or give it back (even temporary works for me)!

This is just a snapshot, more to come, and SHARE YOURS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION!!!! I LOVE to learn about NEW products from my fellow geeks4beauty!

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