New MUST HAVE Concealer

Ok, got a free sample of Miracle Skin Transformer’s NEWEST addition- Treat & Conceal. WOW!

The coverage is flexible, feels amazing AND it HEALS- one word- FIERCE!

Before MST Treat & Conceal

Check the B & A shots,(using light/medium) as you can see I am a fair skinned, Rosacea having, Peri-Oral Dermatitis flaring (an unfortunate risk of my product development and testing work, and my genetics- true sensitive skin) 40+, veija (older girl).

A little goes a long way just like the faboosh, Miracle Skin Transformer, so price is great for how well it works and how long it should last.

Available in three shades light, light/medium, and dark. For more info and to find out where to purchase check out their website at Miracle Skin Transformer

MST Treat & Conceal Light/Medium Swatch

I only applied on one side so you could see difference in redness, texture, etc.  I hope you get the same great results I did!!!
Thanks for reading and letting me be your guide!





After MST Treat & Conceal

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