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Full disclosure: Currently working with brand.
This is one of a handful of times that I have chased down a brand to work with (SAMPAR, was the 1st one).  I literally emailed and called the owner, once I tracked him down, thanks  @dailycandy!

This line has 8 patents on their proprietary Cell Protection Protein, a combination of high tech science and nature. In the cold and dry Artic, the scientists discovered that animals and plants were able to protect themselves from this harsh sub- zero environment by producing a unique protein, Cell Protection Protein. Armed with this secret, LIFTLAB applied the best techniques of modern science to isolate and purify this protein, delivering nature’s best protection for the skin.

All skin types and conditions will benefit especially those who are concerned with the prevention and correction of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture, redness and sensitivity. Safe for all skins of color, while restoring a glow and balanced tone to the skin.

As an aesthetician, I am constantly seeking out products that live up to the hype; The LIFTLAB does this and then some. I actually tested a my theory that if this is protecting from environmental assaults- then I should see what would happen if I skipped SPF (DO NOT TRY or DO THIS AT HOME). So I skipped SPF for a week (Oh, and it was sunny and hot in beautiful Surf City)- NO BURN-REDNESS-IRRITATION AT ALL!  Remember, dolls, I have rosacea, dermatitis, dry  and extremely sensitive, 40+ skin.  Now, if they prove that this prevents damage to DNA-THEN  WOW!!! Those with SPF ingredient sensitivities (me!), will be SAVED! Not to mention it will encourage Vitamin D production (men and women of color produce less due to increased pigment cells in the skin).

The LIFTLAB is a well-edited line (only 4 products at this time), paraben free (for those discerning beauty users).  Price points are excellent for luxury skin care ($85 to $125).

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