Plantscription by Origins Review

Plantscription Review

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I have just tested a new serum. As you geeks know, I am ALWAYS trying to address my redness and dryness, but if I can fight off a few lines and wrinkles too, then BONUS!

I recently received a bottle of Plantscription as a gift in the CEW Digital Forum’s goody bag.  I have used it now for over 28 days, am and pm. While, my redness did not subside completely, my dryness did! I do not have a lot of wrinkles but do have some fine lines and a gnarly channel 11, or as my French friends say a “lion’s line” between my brows (Imma squinter, even with sunglasses on).

Let’s look at the main ingredients and see how they helped me out:

Anogeissus extract– This extract is sourced from the bark and leaves of Anogeissus Lelocarpus Tree; that is found in Ghana on the West African Coast. It is known as the “Siiga” or the soul, widely used from India to Africa for its tannins, wound healing and anti-microbial actions.

According to the Origins website (, it is has been proven to reduce fine lines and give the skin its “bounce” back in 4 weeks.  Again, I do not have a loss of firmness, so I did not see any changes in “bounce”.

Siegesbeckia Orientalis extract- (Xi Xian Cao) this extract comes from a shrub found in Asia, used for thousands of years to sooth inflammation and stimulate wound healing. It has been utilized for hundreds of years as a way to effectively regenerate damaged tissues by restoring the collagen matrix and promoting natural collagen production. It is also said to be an excellent emollient for skin repair.

Both of these key actives have a proven track record in Chinese medicine. Plantscription also uses essential oils (bergamot, anise, rosemary and others), salicyclic acid, malic acid to aid in cell turnover and to stimulate collagen synthesis.

I will say that after three or four days I could see some light flakiness, but that quickly subsided with continued use, just like a Rx of Retin-A.  This is the point, to achieve the results of the Gold Standard in dematological treatment of the skin.

Over the past 28 days, I can say my skin was less red, smoother and had better hydration. Will it make my Product we Love 4Ever list?  Not yet, but it is definitely part of the Ingredients and Products we are Intrigued By list for sure.

Tell me about your favorite serum or product!

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