HOTSPOT! Belle Visage Medical Day Spa Studio City, CA

Okay geeks, I have a great spot to have your skin analyzed, deep cleansed, hydrated and massaged into all of its GLORY! Belle Visage Medical Day Spa is a celeb fave (Kirsten Dunst, Faith Evans, Diddy, many Motown Faves and more).  A full service day spa- nail treatments, skin care, cosmetics, and medically administered and supervised injectables (i.e Botox, Restalyne, Sculptra), medical grade chemical peels, laser skin and hair removal services. Tina Keshishian and her partner Inez Dunst have established a safe haven for all of your skin, nails and body concerns.

courtesy of Tina Keshishian

Tina Keshishian has over 20 years of hands on clinical experience as well as being licensed as an aesthetician when she was a mere 16 years old!!!!  She was an early sufferer of severe acne and this led her to opening Belle Visage Medical Spa when she was only 20 years old. One of the first of its kind at the time, now at 38, she has the real life experience to deliver on her promise of clearer, brighter more youthful skin for all!

I had the great pleasure of meeting Tina through a mutual friend and a client of mine (SkinMetro which you all will be hearing A LOT about in the near future). Tina is one of the most knowledgeable aestheticians I have had the pleasure of working on my face…and TRUST this is NOT SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS OFTEN- as I my skin is a bit crazy (genetics…ugh!); so the mere fact that someone other than myself or two other aestheticians I allow to treat my skin, gave me a treatment is HUGE!

The treatment is  something that Tina is working on along with her eponymous skin care line (clients have been begging her FOR YEARS to CREATE HER OWN LINE). I was consulted with for 30 minutes plus … fyi- geeks, this IS NOT THE NORM, you’re lucky if you have a consult of 10 minutes prior.  Tina took into consideration my skin color and genetic background, the condition my skin was in and my skin care goals as well as my skin type. She asked that I bring in my arsenal of products for an evaluation (another PLUS), and we then proceeded to her enormous treatment room. I had treatment room envy, due to my early career challenges, I have had to perform skin care miracles in a closet- literally converted to a skin care room.

The treatment began with a thorough cleansing of my skin, a deeper analysis of my skin, and then the exfoliation step- unlike any exfoliation treatment I have ever had- no tingling or  irritation, loud machine noises. It felt like a massage. It is a new home care hand tool that she is developing and will launch sometime in 2012.  I PROMISE to share as I learn more about this AMAZING TOOL. Tina followed up with a deep hydration mask and european lifting massage (YES THEY DO WORK, but must be done daily if doing yourself…I will post this as a video, soon).

The treatment then led to some discomfort- as you all know I am in my 40’s, so this part of the treatment is crucial for age management – LAM PROBE. This device is a pro only option, and one that can address broken capillaries, milia, brown and age spots, as well as skin tags. Rounding it all out was the application of antibiotic cream as the skin is a bit open due to lam probe portion of treatment.

I left with my skin feeling hydrated, brighter and with less capillary redness. In the days that followed, my skin continued to improve and with proper home care, I can face the world!

If you’re in SoCal, this spa is A MUST, and Tina is THE skin expert I trust!

For more information  about the spa, the treatments and products offered or to book your treatment with Tina, visit

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