omveda naturals

omveda naturals

courtesy of om veda naturals

welcome geeks! new GREEN Product review- for my Green geeks4beauty

Om veda naturals is a family owned natural products company. They were kind enough to send me the following products:

Castille Liquid Soap in Peppermint (LOVE LOVE LOVE)

Hand Crafted Bar soaps in Unscented Cocoa Butter, Lemongrass, and Peppermint (EVERYONE, even my boys- hubby and picky son LOVED all 3)

and Window and general Cleaning Sprays- did not try yet.

courtesy of omveda naturals

The Bar Soaps are LOVELY, beautifully crafted and uses minimal packaging a + if you are “eco conscious”. 10 options for all skin conditions and types and very reasonably priced.


See for more pricing and info.

Liquid castille soaps are fantastic for all over hair and body cleansing, especially for my bubble geeks- you know who you are!

I am a HUGE fan of olive oil based cleansers as you all now from reading Your Skin Condition- MUCH better alternative than sulfate based cleansers for hair and body. There are 2 options- Peppermint and Lavender- Try Peppermint in the morning as a “pick me up” and Lavender in the evening for much needed stress relief. Peppermint is also used to treat scalp irritations and has been shown to improve scalp condition.

There is also a Sweet Grass Body Shower Gel that I will be purchasing!!! I love CLEAN and FRESH scents! Especially when they are NATURAL!

They also make non toxic Pet shampoos for my geeks with four legged kids- I am sure based on my experience with this lovely brand you too will be pleasantly surprised and your pets will be TOO!

okay geeks, now go find some of YOUR fave green goodness and SHARE, as you know if you stop learning you stop growing!!!

have a happy day!


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  1. Chandra: Thank you for nice words. As we said in out mission- we make our products so good you just have to tell your friends. And yes, No to chemicals. As you have seen that one do not need chemistry book to read our lables. Thanks you and thank you.


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