Introducing… Michael Rogers of The Beauty Prince- Guest Blogger

Please give my dear friend and colleague a warm geek4beauty welcome as he has generously offered to share his insights and expertise on all things beauty. Here is a little somethin somethin for you get yourself acquainted with The Beauty Prince:

Michael Rogers The Beauty Prince Founder & Editor in Chief

Courtesy of Martini and Milk

My journey in the beauty industry began over 15 years ago as a beauty advisor. My path led me through beauty management and inspired me to obtain my esthetician license. Post graduation my career focus has been in executive management and training for prestigious beauty companies. I have seen and worked almost every angle of the beauty industry. Starting behind a counter, to working for a dermatologist and a cosmetic distribution company.

My experience and knowledge has led me to finding my voice. My mission is to share that voice of knowledge with those who wish to learn more about beauty. I will share the newest and latest trend in skincare and my tried-and-true favorites. I love to travel and will share all the wonderful and beautiful places I frequently visit such as New York, Milan and Paris. Through my travels, be it abroad or within the country, including my beloved city of Los Angeles, I will share objects of beauty I find in these places that continue to inspire me. These objects I name the BEAUTY AROUND ME. I will share these objects of inspiration, along with words of wisdom or inspiring provoking thoughts I call BEAUTY WITHIN. My hope is that you too will be inspired and feel uplifted.

I hope you enjoy the Beauty Prince experience and Find Beauty Within…”

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25 year plus Beauty Industry veteran. Licensed Aesthetician (Skin Care Therapist),with a passion to share the real story behind how products work and how you can achieve your best look. Recently diagnosed with chronic pain and fibromyalgia I am dedicated to finding best self care and wellness products available in real time.

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