Wellness…My commitment and personal journey

Hello geeks4beauty!!!

I have a confession…I am NOT the picture of wellness I aspire to be.

A little background…

I am a former athlete- swimmer, dancer, fitness competitor and aerobics instructor (I actually worked for the late great Jack La Lanne and was hand selected by him to teach one of his calisthenics course at a gym in NYC where he made regular appearances and conducted trainings). I am a 45 year old mother of THE most empathetic and intelligent young man in the world (in my not so humble opinion); 3 x cancer survivor (still testing clean…WHOOHOO!); wife, and entrepeneur. I have lived a very full life- one at times I am amazed that I have experienced and at times SURVIVED! What is that saying?

What does not kill you makes YOU STRONGER?

It is true, especially in my life experience, as you never know your own TRUE strength or capabilities until adversity hits you right smack in the mouth/stomach- or rear end…of your car. I have now been rear ended in my car 3 times in 20 years, and hit head on 1 in this same time frame- crazy, huh? I actually wasn’t so concerned with cumulative damage, that is until January 3, 2011- this was the 3rd and I hope final time I am to be rear ended on the “lovely” 405 freeway (if you travel this freeway- YOU GET THE SARCASM- its a love/hate relationship as you love it as the main access vein to all things LA/ HATE it cause everybody and their mother is on it when you are AND most Southlanders have a difficult time driving in an offensive/defensive manner- especially in “WEATHER” probably due to the lack of weather changes- the reason I MOVED HERE 20+ years ago) in SoCal.

I am STILL dealing with the affects of this accident- chronic pain for which I will not utilize prescription or OTC medicines to treat (personal choice due to my sensitivity to ingredients); lack of sleep, WEIGHT GAIN and lethargy. I HAVE HAD IT! PITY PARTY IS OVAH! Onward and Upward as my favorite cousin Louis Davila (RIP-I will tell the story of my cousin in another post- he was/is my inspiration for being in the BEAUTY BIZ). I saw a chiropractor and he states “I am surprised you have made it this far without surgical intervention.” GREAT! Just what girl wants to hear. He tells me that over these 20 years I have a lot of challenges BUT they are ALL REVERSIBLE THROUGH EXERCISE!

YAY, RIGHT?!? Yeah…but I do not have great range of motion or flexibility, and I am in chronic pain with numbness at my right thumb (since 1/2011). He recommended Pilates- not mat work due to my pain level (and my OCD kicks in when I think of the germs on the floor- need a different doc for that). So I looked into Reformer Pilates and came across SPX Pilates, more to follow.

An as a 3x cancer survivor, it is not always the cancer that is the biggest challenge. For me- there were no symptoms, no discomfort, I only found out as many of us do- through routine testing. The treatments- more specifically and in my case it was the chemotherapy that was the WORST and the side affects can stay awhile after treatment. Weight gain, pain and sensitivity, more frequent migraines (which I always get when taking Rx pain meds) and lethargy- not to mention a lil depression thrown in for good measure!

So how does one start reclaiming their body back from injury/disease?

As with anything, the absolute first step is COMMITMENT!

I AM committed to reclaiming my pre accident/cancer body back. We each have our own threshold for how much we will tolerate before we either lay down/give in to our supposed circumstance or fight back. I am at the point that I need to fight.

Second Step is to get approval from your physician prior to beginning any new training regimen or diet- especially when recovering from injury and/or disease. Why? Certain injuries can worsen from improper techniques and training; if treating or recovering from a disease- medications may purge your body faster due to increased metabolic function- hence why sometimes your are not allowed to exercise other than walking when in treatment.

Lets’s do it together!

I will document my progress right here, and hopefully you will share your journey with me- post your progress on the geek4beauty facebook page with me.

{Insert Picture}I will share my starting photo- and post monthly updates, as well as share any expert tips and tricks that I have gleaned. I hope to interview a few fitness experts, some local in SoCal some in parts far away. I love to cook, so I will share some of my favorite meals to eat pre/post workout and share some of my experiences trying new fitness trends.

My first will be SPX Pilates which is featured at The Sweat House in Surf City otherwise known as Huntington Beach, CA (where I currently reside). I figured I would try it out as Pilates is a great overall workout that allows for injury modifications under the proper instruction as well as follow the recommedation of my chiropractor. I got a great deal on 5 classes for a mere $39 on Groupon (still limited availability at time of this post).

According to the website

THE SWEAT HOUSE offers SPX™ and Drench! SPX™, a new and innovative workout specifically designed to strengthen, tighten, tone and elongate the body quickly and safely.Created by celebrity trainer, Sebastien Lagree, SPX™ is a fusion of pilates, cardio, and strength training, and achieves muscle definition faster than traditional pilates and/or weight training alone. We do this by bringing the muscles to failure. Ironically this is the only way to achieve maximum results. This workout also promotes flexibility and elasticity, which helps prevent injury. The client is left with a lithe and powerful body, resistant to the everyday stresses of work and life.Our High-Octane, Shirt-Drenching workout attacks bulk in the hips and thighs, tightens the body’s core muscles for abs of steel, improves strength and endurance, and jump-starts your metabolism. It burns fat, tightens and elongates your muscles, increases your postural alignment, and restores your body’s natural balance.


Our Group Classes are taught on our State-of-the-art Megaformer™. Invented by Lagree, the Megaformer™ is an evolution of the traditional pilates reformer, with unique features that enhance and intensify the workout. Designed to cater to both upper and lower body muscles, the Megaformer™ reduces stress on the joints and connective tissues, while using a system of springs to accommodate the resistance and counter resistance elements of the workout.


+ Increase muscular strength and endurance
+ Improve cardiovascular efficiency
+ Increase bone mineral density
+ Increase metabolic rate
+ Improve your body composition
+ Enhance your postural alignment and balance
+ Balance your extrinsic and intrinsic strength
+ Increase upper and lower body coordination
+ Prevent and delay muscle loss due to aging
+ Incur discriminate weight loss
+ Improve muscle tone and definition
+ Enhance flexibility
+ Contribute to body leanness
+ Reduce Stress
+ Improve self image, self esteem, and self confidence

For class schedules and fees click here- thesweathouse.net.

I am looking forward to getting back to my wellness. Join me, and reclaim yours too! I know we can DO IT!

Thank you my geeks4beauty for letting me share, it is not comfortable to be vulnerable (espesh on body image issues!), but as the saying goes…

What does not kill me, WILL make me stronger!

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  1. I love your authenticity Chandra! One of my favorite quotes by Eleanor Rosevelt is v. fitting here. “A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water”. The wellness components will only make you stronger. All the best! xo


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