UPDATE- Beauty Confessional. My Wellness Journey

Hey there my geeks4beauty!

I have an update on my wellness goals! New STATS:

BP- almost normal without medications!!!! YAY! I am at 143/63- slightly high on systolic reading- BUT MUCH better!

Weight: 148 lbs down 12 pounds- mostly water weight.

What have I done to achieve these numbers???

1. Diet:

I changed the timing of meals with proteins to be featured earlier in the day as protein takes a long time to digest. So biggest meal of the day is breakfast- today I had egg white and spinach scramble with a little feta cheese with a couple of shakes of cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is known to stimulate fat loss and increase metabolism- for those who have done Master Cleanse, you know this is key ingredient in fasting beverage recipe. Minimum calories per meal are 300-450. I snack often with almonds, pistachios, raisins, dried cherries and dark chocolate chips and make my own no salt trail mix with rice chex cereal. My son and I started to pre – mix and store in mini zip lock bags. What low salt/sugar snacks do you eat throughout the day?

I have also limited salt and increased potassium and magnesium intake. I take 250 mg of magnesium every evening with my dinner. Dr. Oz recommends 400mg, but I am starting slow as I adjust to my new wellness plan.

My geeks know how I feel about hydration and my H2O intake has always been good (32-64 oz daily), now I am drinking 64-72 oz daily and more on days I work out (more to follow).

2. Exercise- As you know I have started SPX Pilates at The Sweat House in Huntington Beach (www.thesweathouse.net), and let me tell you- IT KICKS YOUR BUTT! In just 50 minutes I was sweating, working every part of your body at once and some I forgot I had.

You will be sore even after one session, Janine, my instructor states. She says she still is impressed with the total workout and she has been a fitness maven for 10+ years and has/does try ALL types of exercises as she gets bored. I am sore and have followed Janine’s direction of drinking plenty of fluids and to keep it moving to get rid of the lactic acid that builds up in the muscle. This is the source of the soreness. I also supplemented this with taking a couple of arnica tablets to aid in the swelling and soreness.

I am happy for the soreness, as I know I on my way to my wellness goals. What are you trying and how are you getting back your wellness?



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