GUEST POST: The Beauty Prince shares Beautisol

Beautisol’s Need I Glow More Face Tanners; (New To Me)

courtesy of Beautisol

I have to tell you about my wonderful experience with the Beautisol Face Tanners Need I Glow More?. Not only did I get a “glowing” tan, my skin got benefits according to my skin type. That’s right, you read correctly, skincare benefits for my specific skin type. Need I Glow More? is the first ever skin-type-specific face self-tanning lotion.

courtesy of Beautisol

Beautisol’s Need I Glow More? comes in two formulas for your face. The first one I tried was the Normal-Oily-Problematic formula. Because I sometimes become a little oilier during the summer months I wanted to try it first. It not only developed into a great looking natural tan, but during application you get the instant gratification of color. It is a nice bronzed looking color. No “orange-look” here. But what is also great, aside from the fabulous color, getting the benefits of great skincare as well. The Normal-Oily-Problematic formula is lightweight and did not feel heavy or greasy. It actually absorbs excess oil and purifies the skin. Because it contains Montmorillonite Clay and Niacinamide, it also helps reduce inflammation and helps improve acne.

courtesy of Beautisol

Beautisol’s Need I Glow More? also has a Normal-Dry-Sensitive formula. This formula gives you the same great natural tan with the instant gratification as the other formula. But the Normal-Dry-Sensitive formula moisturizes, hydrates and revives the look of your skin. It has soothing ingredients to hydrate and has ingredients like ChroNOline which is a anti-aging peptide to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I have not used this formula yet, but I am confident I will have the same feelings as I do with the Normal-Oily-Problematic formula.

As with all the Beautisol tanning products, they are paraben-free, propylene glycol-free, sulfate-free and cruelty-free, they are PETA certified. They also all have the Pure Scent odor-eliminating technology. Therefore they don’t have that horrible self-tanner smell. In fact they smell amazingly fresh and clean.

Beautisol also has these cute application guides and tips.

Beautisol Application Tips

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