Product Review: Philosophy Miracle Worker Retinoid Pads

I have had the opportunity to try philosophy skincare’s miracle worker Retinoid Pads. These are new to me- I will tell you that using them just for a few days as part of my evening regimen has delivered GREAT RESULTS in two weeks.

courtesy of philosophy skin care

I literally mean use that I used maybe 4 times in the total 14 nights. My skin completely transformed-HOWEVER, I did have some sloughing and some minor irritation which is normal when using retinol (remember that retinols are the kissing cousins of vitamin a or Retin-A)

The reason why we would seek out vitamin A and  vitamin A derivatives are  because vitamin A is one of those building blocks of healthy skin (A.C.E in the hole of AMAZING SKIN). see also age management ingredient of the month:Vitamin A…

It is a key vitamin for collagen formation, increasing hydration in the skin and most importantly to reduce the signs of aging by revealing newer skin cells to the surface.

The pads are simple to use-you actually activate the pads with the solution and then you use as directed.  I use them in the evening since using them during the day would be a little too what we call photo sensitizing for the skin- so remember you can cause kind of a sunburn on the skin when using a vitamin a derived ingredients in the AM without proper SPF protection.  Most of us do not even use proper amount of SPF for face neck and décolletage. 1 teaspoon for this complete area is what is recommended by AAD. ( for more SPF info).

My skin look and feels fresher and just in time for all the summer BBQ’s and birthdays coming up! At 45 years old, it is nice to have something so easily available and easy to use at our finger tips. Find them at Beauty Collection in SoCal;;, ulta stores near you.

happy age management!



courtesy of philosophy skin care

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