Fibromyalgia and me

It has been a very challenging few years. My health has been at odds with my ideas, goals and dreams.

I thought I was just getting old, as I am a lady of a certain age. At the time this began, is also around the time I initially launched geek4beauty, 2008. I did not link my chronic insomnia and pain to anything other than hustling hard.

But, I was exhausted and in pain 24/7. I don’t look sick, so that is something my hubby, my kids, colleagues and clients have a hard time understanding. “Just get more sleep.” “You don’t look sick.” “Drink this, eat that and you will be fine.”

And the worst comment…

“Maybe, it’s in your head, change your mindset and it will be fine.”

I have heard this from doctors…not just those I love and admire.  I think I am a generally optimistic and positive person, so to hear those words is like a punch in the face.

I am now 51 year old Latina woman who has been diagnosed with #Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disease that is often ignored, misdiagnosed, thought to be hypochondria, or mental illness. It is a unique challenge as it presents so many symptoms that seem like general aging, wear and tear etc. each patient will have their own challenges. Insomnia from chronic pain being the biggest as it leads to SO many other issues. Click the Mayo Clinic link below to learn more:

I thought (sadly, as many of us do) that I need to be healthy, perfect, flush with a positive can do attitude and THEN I could be happy and successful.

LIES…these are the lies we each tell ourselves. When no one is looking or listening, this is how we talk to ourselves…

I am sharing my journey, the good, the bad, the in between, the #spoons, and what all this is doing to me and for me, hoping to help just ONE! I know I am not alone, and I hope to gather information, links to resources, and end goal is to create a safe place to share.

Stay tuned as I try to continue to follow my dreams, and try and help you feel your best, and of course be FAB!



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25 year plus Beauty Industry veteran. Licensed Aesthetician (Skin Care Therapist),with a passion to share the real story behind how products work and how you can achieve your best look. Recently diagnosed with chronic pain and fibromyalgia I am dedicated to finding best self care and wellness products available in real time.

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