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Chandra Bredel, LE, CASBI

“Since my first sneaky lipstick application (my mom would later scold me for looking like a tiny tart and hastily wiping the gorgeous red color from my lips; with a sly smile on her own red lips) at Woolworth’s  on 14 th Street in downtown NYC, 35 years ago, I have been a fan of beauty. I adore how it can transform you in so many ways, and I hope to share some of my expertise here with other geeks 4 beauty. I truly look forward to learning from my new friends here online and in the world around me.”


Chandra Bredel, licensed aesthetician, is the former Director of Education for several top luxury brands in the US. She travels the world as an product development consultant, educator and speaker, sharing her knowledge of ingredient technology, with a special emphasis on how ingredients impact the structure and function of skin.

Chandra has more than 35 years of  being a geek 4 beauty, with over 25 of those years gaining experience in the beauty, health and wellness industries where she has held the position of makeup artist, spa owner, educator, product formulator, brand development consultant, spa director, patient care coordinator, EMT, aesthetician and body therapist; where she researched, honed and developed  results driven products, successful treatment protocols and results required for opening and operating a successful skin care center for top skin care brands, resort spas, spas, doctors, and entrepreneurs alike.

Recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, she is bringing a renewed focus to geek4beauty. As she searched for information and resources, she discovered how difficult each person’s journey is fighting an autoimmune disease.

“My goal has always been to share the best of science and nature and we shall continue to do so. We will just add more to the discussion via guest post and videos from leading experts” Chandra Bredel, head geek4beauty.

What People Say

“Chandra is very knowledgeable of the industry as an educator and also as a formulator. She continues to improve products with her great ideas as well as service details for aestheticians.”

John Kressaty, Chemist & Owner
The Skin Bar

“Chandra is one of the most knowledgeable trainers in this industry. She doesn’t just educate on product knowledge, but is well versed in ingredients. She continues to educate herself and is able to keep up with industry trends. I enjoyed working with Chandra very much.”

Pat Greenberg, West Coast Regional Manager, Orlane Inc

“Chandra Bredel is a gifted educator with a wealth of knowledge in the Beauty industry. She is passionate for finding and solving answers and is eager to share them in a fun way that makes learning exciting and a very informative growing experience. She knows that in order to succeed in life, you must work hard, strive for your best and deliver results. Chandra has a tremendous understanding of the who, what and why’s of the Beauty industry and of the beauty consumer. Any opportunity I have to learn from her I am on it, I know I will walk away with something new. Having a opportunity to work with Chandra at any point would be a dream and I would jump on it.”

Michael Rogers, Atlantic Coast Brands, National Sales & Education Manager

Let’s work together.

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