Chandra Bredel


geek4beauty CEO, Internationally Recognized Licensed Aesthetician, Educator & Brand Development Consultant

What I Do

I bring honest passion to every project. Whether it is your skin under my hands or your idea in yours- I only work with people, ideas and products that deliver real results. I personally research each idea, product, tool and person prior to partnering and sharing them with the YOU.

  • By Appointment Only Licensed Aesthetician-BBP, Dual Covid Certified
  • Bespoke Aesthetic Massage Technique Development- Covid Safety
  • Internationally Trained Aesthetician
  • International Aesthetics Educator
  • Concept to Creation Consultant
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Lifelong Student and Researcher of all things WELLNESS
  • #Spoonie
  • #chronicmigrainewarrior
  • #fibrowarrior
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