Products we love NOW and 4Ever


Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45This BB cream (an all in one primer, treatment, tinted moisturizer, and SPF product- originally developed in Korea for post plastic surgery and peel patients), is wonderful! It really covers as much or as little as you want, is light and blends beautifully. It is a must try.

BeautyBioScience – The FIRST safe and effective home use microneedling tool on the market. PLUS the R45 Retinol system is sublime! Even with fibromyalagia, I am seeing results without much inflammation.


Hale & Hush Skin Care-Full Disclosure-I know the founder, and LOVE THE LINE. It is MY CHOICE for CANCER patients pre and post, for sensitive and reactive skins, like MINE as it REALLY REDUCES SENSITIVITY very QUICKLY. It is my go to brand when my own skin freaks out.

Jordan Samuel Skin Care HA Serum– Beyond hydrating, WOW factor with one application. Hyaluronic Acid, is a magical acid, though not an acid that exfoliates or peels the skin. Jordan Samuel’s really plumps, smoothes, is a great medium for skin lifting and muscle re-education massages & can be used as a hydrator for oily acne prone skins…LOVE. I actually looked at my skin through a woods’ lamp (a device used by aesthetician’s to check your skin’s moisture, sensitivity, bacterial load, & more) b4 I applied it then after for that WOW!!!

Vita Liberata Self Tanners ARE AMAZING!!!! Clean fresh scent- NO WET DOG SMELL HERE my lovelies!!!! Tan achieved is easy to use- try the foaming water-gorgeous and realistic! Say NO to STINKY, ORANGE HUES!

You can tell I really like this one…lol

Maybelline NY Great Lash: I have been a fan of this mascara for over 30 years. My first luxury mascara was Yves San Laurent  colored mascaras and I am still a HUGE FAN of  all things Yves San Laurent, but GREAT LASH IS MY GO TO!!! Cost is perfect especially when you have to dump them every 3 months;  color is deep, lashes lengthened and fuller, how can you go wrong?

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