Your Skin TYPE

First things first, my friends, YOU need to know where your skin is starting at to know where you can take your skin. Below is a brief description of genetic skin types. This is the skin you are born with, NOT the condition it is in today.

Many things our skin experiences is NOT part of its TYPE; for example flakiness is acquired, and can be due to a myriad of things- wrong cleanser, not right hydration for skin type, medications, etc. So you see, we each have to look at our skin more closely, look at our parents and family members’ skin and ask questions.

Majority rules when determining TYPES and CONDITIONS. You can divide your face into 6 distinct areas:

1. Forehead: left to right; hairline to top of eyebrows

2. Eyes: left to right; temple to temple

3. Upper Cheeks/Nose: left to right; ear to ear; top of cheekbone across bridge of nose, including area above upper lip

4. Lower Cheeks:left to right; ear to ear

5. Jawline: left to right; includes lips, chin

6. Neck: left to right; below chin down to decolletage

A SIDE NOTE: Combination Skins- This is NOT a TRUE Skin TYPE, it is a combination of CONDITIONS affecting your TYPE.

Balanced: What does it look like?

Smooth texture, virtually pore-less, bright and even in color, healthy sheen all over.

What does it feel like?

Soft, velvety, smooth and temperate.

Dry: What does it look like?

Pore-less, texture appears uneven, powdery may have some flakiness on cheeks, can see fine vertical lines, uneven color, may or may not have slight/occasional redness.

What does it feel like?

Rough (can feel like sandpaper from fine to course), taut, warm.

Oily: What does it look like?

Large pores from cheek to cheek, forehead to chin, oily shine throughout, may or may not have blocked pores (comedones are black heads and/or small tiny bumps), texture and color uneven.

What does it feel like?

May or may not feel rough, may be warm, may have some slip.

Now, skin typing is the basis. It’s a starting point, but it only tells part of your skin’s story. You know there is more to it, the skin is the largest organ of the body…of course, there is more to it…

Have you ever noticed that your skin can look and feel completely different the very next day? HUH? You may wonder aloud, how can that be?

Grooming ritual, diet, lifestyle, medications, sleep patterns, stress levels ALL CAN WREAK HAVOC!!!! You are probably thinking, yea, yea heard it all before- BUT I LIKE MY DIET, LIFESTYLE, etc…WHAT DO I DO? Me, not you, me??? That is exactly what you are wondering, and DIVA, DO YOU!!!! You know I AM!!!

There is a lot I gotta cover, and I promise we will get to what YOU want to know, so I thought I should break it up a bit…

Click on the Skin Conditions Page for the most common skin conditions, the skin types they are seen in most, if this is not what YOU want to know click through Categories, Pages, or search a topic. If I have yet to comment on it, let me know YOU WANT MORE. I will give it to you, that is right, I WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT I KNOW. I WANT THE BEAUTY COMPANIES TO KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT I KNOW. I want them to know you are informed, make great decisions and have FUN DOING IT, all while looking and feeling FAB!

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